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Off-site SEO
We ensure to have links from reputable websites and sources pointing back to your site to improve domain authority.

On-site SEO
Internal linking, robots.txt, sitemaps, content, image, meta tags, title tags, alt text, anchor text, and link URL optimization.

Local SEO
Google, Bing, and Yahoo business listing, backlinks, local directories, SEO city pages.

eCommerce SEO
Product optimization, online stores SEO

Keyword Research
We research your market’s keyword demand and volume with the help of data analytic tools.

Content Writing
Article writing, blog posts, page updates, infographics, SEO city pages, web pages, and informative pages.

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Logo designs by Tatiana

Tatiana Avaeva, our UX/UI Digital designer recently created this logo design for my favorite Russian barber in Brooklyn Heights who is starting a new product line.

logo designs by tatiana avaeva

More about Tatiana :

Hi, I am Tatiana Avaeva, a UX/UI/Digital Designer based in Orange County, CA with 10+ years of experience. I work with established brands and various-stage startup companies. I work on great variety of projects including print and online, UX/UI and many others. I got my BA of Art in Fashion Design from University of Apparel Industry, Moscow, Russia. Then I graduated from PLATT college, Newport Beach, CA with major in Graphic Design.
I started my professional career in 2003 working as a graphic designer for mid size company that produced incentive Mastercard and Visa gift cards for various financial institutions. Over there I had a chance to use my hand drawing and computer skills and put a lot of creativity into design of corporate and seasonal gift cards.

After that I worked as a freelance Visual/Digital designer and was exposed to a diverse clients and projects. I had clients from pharmaceutical, real estate, beauty, apparel industries, web development/CEO and others.

In 2016 I joined Western Digital as a Digital designer and later became a Lead Designer there working on various marketing campaigns preparing UI/UX/digital and print assets and also performing development (HTML/CSS) and testing for email blasts and landing pages. I produced various assets and designed and developed a lot of email blasts for SanDisk, Western Digital and G-Tech brands.

Tatiana’s Portfolio

Analytics & SEO Solutions

SEO Service for startups, small, & medium-sized businesses

  • Local SEO Services
  • National SEO Services

SEO is everything, and you better believe it. Learn this the easy or the hard way. Either way it’s like gravity, belief in gravity is optional, we are all subject to it’s power. When it comes to SEO, if you wait until it is too late, then the game over, there may be no coming back. We will help those companies who want to deliberately dominate in your same niche. 

Making you easy to find and hard to ignore

Why Do I Need SEO?

Search engine optimization is a rather straightforward strategy, but it is one that is often misunderstood. Quite simply, people are using the Internet to search for your company or what you have to offer. That is why it is vitally important for you to show up at the top of the search engine results. If you are not showing up at the top when somebody is looking for what you offer, you are losing that customer to the competition.

seo consultation

We Do All The Work Ourselves. No outsourcing, black hat tactics, or cutting corners. All work is performed in-house by our team of SEO professionals.

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One of the major benefits to working with us is the time you will save, thanks to our experience with Squarespace and knowledge of website best practices. Squarespace is a great platform for almost any type of website. Of course, there are limitations within templates, but we have the experience to identify and ‘work-around’ most of these limitations with the help of custom Javascript, CSS, or Developer Mode.

Here is a recent example of a Squarespace Site we redesign. Dame of the West Tattoo is a tattoo shop based in Scottsdale, Arizona. When we were referred to this client, the site was a jumbled mess and the site was suffering from poor traffic. After an extensive client interview with the client, we restructured the site for a better user experience and search optimized all the pages. In less than 6 months, Dame of the West rose from page 3 to page 1 of Google Search and Yelp Ranking from a number 14 to number 5 in organic searches.

How do we get started : First, I will send you an extensive client questionnaire or you can download the PDF file.. Link here.

Our Rates:

All estimates are based on our hourly rates. We typically provide a ballpark estimate for your requests. We also provide a flat rate for projects when it makes sense. Design can be subjective and development is not an exact science so we are careful when setting expectations. In all cases, we require a 50 % deposit prior to beginning. Follow up payments will be based on milestones or time spent on your project. Flat rates start at $1,500 plus cost of domain & hosting. You will need to sign up for a Squarespace account

Flat rate Squarespace Design:

Flat rates vary from $ 1,500 – $ 2,500 . Our flat rates include a free half-day in person Squarespace training & 90 days free email support and phone consultation ( see contract ). Project completion takes anywhere from 7 days to 3 weeks depending on the amount of pages and content that you will supply to us. We will provide art direction & graphic consultation. Hosting, squarespace premium themes, and logo design are not included.

Squarespace has many amazing themes to select from for your new site. We recommend this themes for the Flat Rate SS Packages. Follow this link

Got any questions. Give us a call (949) 436-8174. Or shoot us an email to

How we work ?

How long will it take to build the site ? How much will it cost?

It varies a lot, but most of the sites we develop & design take 3-10 weeks from kickoff to launch and cost more than $2,500. All of the sites featured on my portfolio page fits that description.

Occasionally we are available to work on smaller projects, but that’s rare. If budget is a major constraint, I know that many sites are best served with a high-quality low-cost SquareSpace or WordPress template And on that note, here is some free advice.

What’s your process?

I schedule at least one initial meeting with clients to talk in-depth about the site:
technical needs, design aesthetic, content generation or migration, budget constraints etc. These discovery meetings can be online or in person. Usually we start with email and then a phone conversation.

Nearly all of my projects come in on time and under budget. I work hard to keep it that way!

From these conversations I create a milestone and delivery schedule, as well as an estimate that then becomes a soft cap on hours — with the understanding that if I run into challenges or if the spec changes along the way we’ll adjust as needed.

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WordPress Design & Development

Custom WordPress Solutions built for speed & SEO

We have been working on custom WordPress solutions for over 10 years and delivered over 100 projects for startups, businesses, and non-profits. Elle Gamboa head designer, developer, project manager and overall thinker runs the operation with a small team of freelancers & staff. We run a tight ship hear.

Why pick WordPress for your CMS ?

  • its perfect for any kind of website no matter what size or design
  • it’s well supported, open source and the most popular CMS!
  • it’s easy to add new content
  • it has blogging built right in
  • integrates seamlessly with social media, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Aweber, Zoho and many other business tools

We’re WordPress experts so we can provide you with ongoing support and maintenance to keep things running smoothly. We also offer a monthly web maintenance contract after the project is over.

No problem, if you already use WordPress for your website but feel it needs a refresh, we can help you with a redesign or even just restructuring parts of your website to better reflect your business and increase conversions.

We offer a range of web design solutions for your current WordPress website. So whether you need to restructure your website or implement an ecommerce website solution, talk to us about how we can help you.
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