How we work ?

How long will it take to build the site ? How much will it cost?

It varies a lot, but most of the sites we develop & design take 3-10 weeks from kickoff to launch and cost more than $2,500. All of the sites featured on my portfolio page fits that description.

Occasionally we are available to work on smaller projects, but that’s rare. If budget is a major constraint, I know that many sites are best served with a high-quality low-cost SquareSpace or WordPress template And on that note, here is some free advice.

What’s your process?

I schedule at least one initial meeting with clients to talk in-depth about the site:
technical needs, design aesthetic, content generation or migration, budget constraints etc. These discovery meetings can be online or in person. Usually we start with email and then a phone conversation.

Nearly all of my projects come in on time and under budget. I work hard to keep it that way!

From these conversations I create a milestone and delivery schedule, as well as an estimate that then becomes a soft cap on hours — with the understanding that if I run into challenges or if the spec changes along the way we’ll adjust as needed.

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